The God Test- Side B (Believers)

Notes for October 3, 2015
Sermon by Pastor Shibu Cherian

Listed are the 10 questions of the God Test that we can ask people who identify themselves as believers in God. The answers below are what we believe the Bible teaches us about each of these questions. These answers can help you in your God Test conversations.

1. Do you believe in God?
-even satan believes in God and trembles
2. How would you describe God?
– creator
– holy
– law giver
– just
– loving
3. What does God expect from us?
– keep His commandments
4. How are you meeting those expectations?
– on a scale of 1-10
– Romans 3:23 (no one meets the expectations)
– Isaiah 59:1-2 (sin has separated us from God)
– Ephesians 2:1-3 (we are dead in sin)
5. Do you believe in heaven?
– Matthew 6:9 (our Father is in heaven)
– Psalm 14:2 (God looks down to see if there are any who seek Him)
6. Does everyone go to heaven?
– Matthew 7:21 (only those who do God’s will)
7. Do you believe you will go to heaven?
– must have an inner assurance
8. Why or why not?
9. Would you like to know what the Bible says about these questions?
– After listening to their answers, you give your own here
– John 3:16
– Romans 5:8-10 (reconciled through Christ)
– John 3:3 (must be born again to enter heaven)
– 2 Corinthians 5:17 (in Christ, we are new creation)
10. Are you willing to follow Jesus and trust Him with your life?
– believe
– turn (repent)
– follow Jesus
– Acts 2:36-38
– Acts 26:17-18